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Cash flow 101 in English! Sunday, 20.08.2023!

Playing Cash Flow 101 by R.Kiyosaki in English! It start at Sunday, 20.08.2023 at 12.30 pm!
Address: Pyatnitskaya st. bld. 56 k.1, cafe «Bobry I Utki» («Beavers and Ducks».).

Play the «Cash Flow» in the biggest club with beginners and experienced players! At our events, while playing with experienced coaches, you can: train your financial literacy and making investment decisions; check your strategies for proper risk management; train your negotiation skills and meet new people and more! Check in and come with your friends!

Present at the gaming table:

  • Owners of retail business
  • Entrepreneurs with their own manufacturing business.
  • Traders and investors of the stock and currency markets.

The program of the event:

  • 12.30 — Introduction to the audience.
  • 12.45 — Rules of the game and behavior.
  • 13.00 — Start of the Cash Flow game
  • 15.00 — Coffee break
  • 15.10 — Feedback for the game
  • 15.30 — Сonclusions, answers to questions from the audience.

For everyone who wants to have any level of financial literacy!

  • If you never played it and have no idea what it is?
  • If you always wanted to participate, but did not know exactly where to turn??
  • If you want to get a «portion » of financial literacy and step towards success and prosperity???

Welcomve to us!!!

The game is gonna be interesting. And perhaps after the game your life gonns change for the better as it has changed for millions of people around the world.
During the game, we will analyze the basic principles of forming start-up capital, the basics of investing, and the basics of creating your own business on the models of the game «Cash Flow», as well as share our own experience that we have acquired in practice.

Life is a gamble!

«Roll the dice, take a tern, make a decision!»

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Don’t have time for this event? We will inform subscribers about the following!

Cash flow 101 in English! Sunday, 20.08.2023!

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